I’m a Leitrim Man in Galway

This screenshot mightn’t look like much but right now… IT’S. ALL. THAT. MATTERS.

Leitrim are winning in Carrick-on-Shannon and I’m not there. I’m listening online to Shannonside FM and Leitrim are in the lead with about twenty to go.

Ok, there’s about 10 minutes left and Leitrim are 3 ahead. Leitrim fading a bit. Please hold on.

28 minutes and 40 seconds played and Leitrim are only 2 ahead. We’ve never won a qualifier. Come on you boys in green and gold…

4 minutes left and Mulligan scores a point to put us back to three points ahead! This is tense.


*Clears throat*

We did it. We won.

Leitrim 0-13 Wicklow 0-10. Leitrim win their first ever All Ireland Qualifier.

Thank you and goodnight.

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