Figuring out qLab at 091 Labs with the help of some strong coffee

I’m at a co-workers morning (that begun at midday; go figure) at 091 Labs on Eyre Square.

091 Labs — — is a hackerspace; “a shared physical space for any and all creative projects: art, woodwork, software, photography and electronics – to name but a few.” Every second day or so they open the space to guests for co-working. For €4 you get for four hours, a desk, WiFi and as much of Conor’s strong coffee as you can handle. It’s a good service and you should support them if you can.

In addition to workshops and co-workers mornings, they have boardgame nights! And they are the Linux go-to-guys in town. Check ’em out at

Today I’m figuring out qLab. qLab (not to be confused with Q-Lab water and food analysis services in Wexford!) is a live show control software. Basically it’s a way of turning your laptop into a theatre lighting desk, with audio and visual control thrown in. Unfortunately it’s only available on Mac (why?) and is one of the main reasons I changed from Linux to Mac OS X.

For my new show (working title Entscheidungsproblem — my first ever one-man show) I hope to op everything from the stage — lights, sounds and video.

So I’ve some learning to do.

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