What the public said about ‘Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]’

The audience feedback for Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] has been superb.  I provided forms for feedback at each performance and I was delighted not only by how many people filled them out but also at the honesty and substance of the responses.  The reaction was highly positive.

Audience comments:

Stimulating about our obsession with computers, and information… and hope (maybe futile) that computers will ultimately be good.

The tension created with the videos, lighting and the command line.

Good message, humour worked well.  Great to be able to take your own thing away from it.

I thought there was too much noise but I thought it was good.

I didn’t understand it!  I thought the music and the singing was good.

It thought outside of the box, made for entertaining viewing and I appreciated some of the deeper thoughts it expressed.

Clever and atmospheric.

Excellent production.

The bit at the end – deadly.

We take the computer for granted everyday and maybe it’s becoming a monster in front of us without us trying to stop it.

I liked where it made my brain go.

Enjoyed how you showed our lives at the touch of a button.  The strong after-taste of paranoia.

Very entertaining and interesting throughout.

Different and though provoking.

The way it all came together at the end.

Not what I expected – unusual – the ending!