What’s next

So the work-in-progress run went well, better than I had hoped in fact.  Between my own impressions from performing the play in front of an audience and the audience feedback, I have plenty to be getting on with.  The next step includes further development followed by a work-in-progress performance in Dublin in early 2013.

Right now there’s a few folk I want to thank for their help.  Joan Higgins and the staff of the Town Hall Theatre for the great service.  Riona Hughes and the staff of the Socs Box, NUIG for providing rehearsal space.  Patrick Lonergan and Zita Monahan for bringing their students to the play.  Máiréad Ní Chróinín for providing feedback during the process and for her excellent chairing of the Q&A session.  Emma O’Grady for her superb work in getting the show lit and for providing transport — truly service above and beyond.  Matt Burke, Mike Byrne and Joe McEvoy for coming in at the last minute to op the show.  Fearghal Morgan of NUIG Electronics Dept for his interest and support.  Dáibhí and Maura O Cróinín for the loan of the projector.  Mike O’Halloran for the QLab tutorial.  Vinnie Brown, Galway Independent, Galway Advertiser and Galway Bay FM for publicity.  And of course all of you who came on the night.

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