Fund It campaign for ‘Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]’

Hi all,

My new play Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] will premier at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival and I have started a Fund It campaign to help me make this happen. I want to ask two things of you: please consider making a donation and help me spread the word.

The Fund It page is here –

Here is a short YouTube video about this campaign –

Allow me to quickly explain what Fund It is in case you haven’t heard of it before. Fund It is a great website that allows artists like myself help raise funds for their work. Each project has a set target and if you like the sound of the project you can pledge a donation. However the money only leaves your card if the project’s target is reached. Find out more here –

The play, Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions], is one I have been working on for about a year now. It’s about our relationship with technology, in particular computers. It’s a cutting-edge piece of theatre that mixes a lot of technology – live computer hacking, internet, social media, video, projection – with spoken word, dance and music. The whole thing is performed by me and my computer. It will appeal to lovers of the latest apps and hardware, sci-fi fans and enthusiasts for new theatre. The cool thing is that I think the play will also speak to folk who have little grá for computers and are wary of technological advances.

The target for my Fund It campaign is €1,000 and the campaign duration is 3 weeks. This target is a third of the play’s budget and will go to pay for three things – choreography (I’m gonna learn how to dance!), lighting and stage management running costs. I have applied to Galway City Council and will be asking local tech companies for patronage to cover the remaining budget.

I hope you make a donation. There’s some cool rewards for you if you do, take a look:

€10 – a ROCKING thank you on my website and a signed Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] poster!
€20 – a KICKASS thank you on my website, a signed poster and a Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] badge!
€50 – a KILLER thank you on my website, a signed poster, a badge and a limited edition Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] calendar! AND if you’re one of the first five €50 donors, you will also get a TICKET FOR THE SHOW!

So there you have it. I hope you consider funding my play. I love making theatre and I want to earn a living doing what I love. This is the first time I have gone out on my own as a solo-artist and I need your support. I believe funding my work is a sound investment. I make good theatre. I strive to be the best I can be. I want to push the boundaries of what makes a play a play and I am particularly interested in building a new audience of people who might not usually go to the theatre.

You can make your donation here –
You can watch a short video on YouTube about the campaign here –
You can find out more about Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] here –

Thanks for reading, please spread the word and I hope to see you in September at the Dublin Fringe!

Peace & love,


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