Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] to premier at Dublin Fringe 2013

After almost a year’s development, I am delighted to announce that Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] will premier at this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival.  I am excited to be again part of this great festival and proud that my first ever one-man-show will be seen in full for the first time by Dublin Fringe audiences.

I’d like to thank Róise, Emma and all the amazing crew at Dublin Fringe Festival for their assistance.

See you in Dublin!

Full details including venue and how to book your tickets are below.

Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]

by John Rogers

Dublin Fringe Festival 2013

The Lir Academy, Studio 2

Monday 9th September (preview) at 9pm BOOK TICKETS

Tuesday 10th September at 9pm BOOK TICKETS

Wednesday 11th September at 9pm BOOK TICKETS

Thursday 12th September at 9pm BOOK TICKETS

Friday 13th September at 9pm BOOK TICKETS

Saturday 14th September at 9pm BOOK TICKETS


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