Up and running. A call to arms. An invitation to join in.

Sometimes you can just tell when a show goes well — last night Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] went very well.

A fun element of the play is the opportunity for the audience (and anyone online) to comment on the play as the play is happening.  On Twitter you can use the hashtag #DecisionProblem.  And on Facebook you can post in the show’s page at facebook.com/decisionproblem.  A few audience members took photos last night, see below.  Folk are commenting on the play so Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]‘s reviews are coming in before the curtain!

All I gotta do now is get the word out.  That’s where I hope you come in.  If you are in Dublin between now and Saturday come see the show!  Tell everyone you know that it’s on!  If you can’t make it, tell everyone anyway!

Here’s where you can book your ticket — www.fringefest.com/programme/decision-problem-good-time-for-questions.

Dublin Fringe and I are about to announce a ticket deal — €10 tickets!  Keep an eye on my tweets — twitter.com/johnthebad — or the Facebook page — facebook.com/decisionproblem — for all the info.

Thanks for reading.

Peace & love,



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