Audience feedback for #DecisionProblem

One of the truly fun elements of my play Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] (playing at Galway Theatre Festival, 2 & 3 Oct., get your tickets here!) is the chance for the audience to comment on the play, as the play happens.  As part of the preshow announcement the audience members are advised to leave their phones on and, if they have internet access, to get involved on Twitter and Facebook.  Using the tag #DecisionProblem, their input is then shown on the screen behind me.  And it’s not just comments — they can take pictures and videos, whatever they like!

Some audience feedback for #DecisionProblem at Dublin Fringe:

“I’m lost in a plethora of emotion in the front row.”
“TEDtalks meets secondary school drama society.”
“Sensory overload.”
“Data-shocked! Brilliant performance.”
“Audience interaction via social media, thought-provoking content & a kick-ass soundtrack. See it!”

And my personal favourite:
“That’s terrifying — turn the lights back on!”

Theatre should be this fun!

Decision Problem by Melinda

Decision Problem by Melinda