Donation drive for ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST is now live!

I’m proud to announce that the fund raising campaign has kicked off for my new show ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST which premiers at the Tiger Dublin Fringe in September!

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST is a 24-hour nonstop one-man-show that charts the origins and rise of the human race from our earliest days to now and asks questions about what the future holds for us all. It is a challenging yet entertaining new piece of theatre that builds on the success of my last show Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]. I think you’ll like it.

In order to make ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST I need your help and support. The budget for the show is €4,000 and I hope to raise 50% of that through this donation drive. So that means my target is €2,000! The money you donate will go primarily towards venue hire but also to design and tech costs, PR, transport, set, accommodation, insurance and lots more – every euro will be put to good use!

It’s easy to donate – just visit where you can use your credit or debit card or Paypal.

Keep an eye on for all the last news and updates on ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, including venue and date as we get them.

Thanks for reading and spread the word!

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