ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress at Galway Fringe Festival is on!

A long time ago I heard someone say, “the man who never made a mistake never made anything.”

Last week I decided to pull out of Galway Fringe Festival. The main reason for doing so was financial. This was a hard decision to make. It also turned out to be the wrong decision.

So I am delighted to announce that ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress will go ahead at Galway Fringe Festival. I’d like to thank GFF for their support and patience.

As this is a work-in-progress we have kept tickets to €3! You can get yours on the door or online here.

Here are the details:

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress
by John Rogers
as part of Galway Fringe Festival 2014
Wednesday 23rd July, 3pm to 7pm

Galway Mechanics Institute

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress is a 4-hour showing by John Rogers of his latest work. The show concerns the origins and rise of the human race. It maps out our journey as a species from our earliest days to now and wonders what our future will be. It poses a question for the audience – will our descendants live in peace and harmony, sharing the world’s resources as we simultaneously explore the solar system and beyond? Or are we doomed as a race to a future of deepening inequality, dwindling resources, war and strife? The finished piece, ARTIST SCIENTIST  PRIEST, will be a 24-hour nonstop one-man-show and will be performed in Dublin in September and Galway in October. This work-in-progress showing allows Galway Fringe Festival goers the opportunity to sample the work and, through their feedback and input, help create the show.

Part funded by Galway City Council.

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