Easy come, easy go — how the audience will interact with the upcoming work-in-progress

A few people have asked me about the 4-hour work-in-progress showing I am performing at the Galway Fringe Festival and whether or not the audience is expected to stay for the entire four hours.  The answer is no.  You can come and go as you please.  The idea behind Wednesday’s performance is to provide me with an opportunity to perform for an extended length of time whilst the audience comes and goes and to get a feel for what that will be like.  It will also provide the audience with a sample of the show, ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST which will premier in Dublin in September.

I also would like to point out that ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST is a piece of durational theatre, therefore time is a major focus of the work.  With that in mind Wednesday’s work-in-progress showing will be an exercise in stillness and in patience.  So if you arrive into the space at the Galway Mechanics Institute and it at first appears like there is not a lot happening in the show, don’t fret.  I ask you to bear with me. I ask you to join me in creating a space of slow-time.  I ask you to help me make some amazing theatre.

All the details you need to see the work-in-progress are below.  And don’t forget, the online fund raiser to help bring ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST to the Tiger Dublin Fringe is live and you can go do that here!

a work-in-progress

by John Rogers
as part of Galway Fringe Festival 2014

Wednesday 23rd July, 3pm to 7pm
Galway Mechanics Institute
Tickets €3


ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress is a 4-hour showing by John Rogers of his latest work. The show concerns the origins and rise of the human race. It maps out our journey as a species from our earliest days to now and wonders what our future will be. It poses a question for the audience – will our descendants live in peace and harmony, sharing the world’s resources as we simultaneously explore the solar system and beyond? Or are we doomed as a race to a future of deepening inequality, dwindling resources, war and strife? The finished piece, ARTIST SCIENTIST  PRIEST, will be a 24-hour nonstop one-man-show and will be performed in Dublin in September and Galway in October. This work-in-progress showing allows Galway Fringe Festival goers the opportunity to sample the work and, through their feedback and input, help create the show.

Part funded by Galway City Council.

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress

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