24-hour play by John Rogers
“I dreamt my beginning and the beginning was love…”

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST is a 24-hour long one-man-show by John Rogers.  Over the course of a day the show charts the origins and rise of the human race.  Using chant, dance, food, ritual, song and soundscapes, this ambitious performance is a meditative exploration of who we are, where we come from and what our future might hold.

Come in. Stay a while. Leave. Come back again later.  Tickets are 24-hour passes that allow you to come and go, creating your own unique experience.

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST premiered at the Tiger Dublin Fringe in September 2014.  It was performed at Galway Theatre Festival in May 2015.

John Rogers is a theatremaker and actor from Leitrim, now based in Galway.  John’s first ever one-man show Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] was premiered at Dublin Fringe Festival 2013.  It was subsequently shown at Galway Theatre Festival 2013.  John has worked with a number of companies and ensembles including Moonfish, Side-Show, Theatrecorp, Waterdonkey and Mephisto.


Poster for ASP at GTF 2015

ASP at GTF 2015, home

ASP at GTF 2015, now

Violent birth announcement from an infant star

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