The stunning image for ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST

Marta Barcikowska has created a stunning image for ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST.  You can see more of Marta’s work at her website,  Click on the image for full size. ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST a 24-hour… Continue reading

The trailer for ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST at Tiger Dublin Fringe

Delighted to be part of Tiger Dublin Fringe again

I am delighted to be part of Tiger Dublin Fringe again.  My new one-man-show ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST is a 24-hour nonstop play about the origins and rise of the human race.  ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST… Continue reading

Easy come, easy go — how the audience will interact with the upcoming work-in-progress

A few people have asked me about the 4-hour work-in-progress showing I am performing at the Galway Fringe Festival and whether or not the audience is expected to stay for the entire four hours. … Continue reading

ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST, a work-in-progress at Galway Fringe Festival is on!

A long time ago I heard someone say, “the man who never made a mistake never made anything.” Last week I decided to pull out of Galway Fringe Festival. The main reason for… Continue reading

Donation drive for ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST is now live!

I’m proud to announce that the fund raising campaign has kicked off for my new show ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST which premiers at the Tiger Dublin Fringe in September! ARTIST SCIENTIST PRIEST is a 24-hour… Continue reading

All I said was…

All I said was… All I said was gays are sick and shouldn’t be allowed out but you can say nothing nowadays. All I said was Pakis smell funny but you can say… Continue reading

It’s cheating, simple as

Ok, we need to talk about something. Yesterday Joe Canning, who was yet again the hero of the day for Galway, was very lucky earlier in the match not to have been at… Continue reading

Work-in-progress of ‘Artist Scientist Priest’ at Fringe Fuse tonight!

I will be showing a work-in-progress of my new play Artist Scientist Priest tonight at Fringe Fuse.  It’s at Dublin Fringe HQ in Temple Bar, kicks off at 7.30pm, it’s only €3 in and you get… Continue reading

Feedback for ‘Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions]’