‘Decision Problem’ in the news

BOOK TICKETS FOR DECISION PROBLEM [GOOD TIME FOR QUESTIONS] Decision Problem [Good Time for Questions] is featured in today’s Galway Independent, take a look.  Also, tune into Vinnie Brown’s Arts Show on Galway Bay… Continue reading

One man and his computer

One man and his computer (photo: Ionia Ní Chróinín).


Some of the inspiration and sources for Decision Problem in no particular order… O Emperor Dangerman Turing’s Cathedral The Monks Johnny von Neumann TED Euclid Padraig Reynolds and Art Ridge. I’m having fun,… Continue reading

The Geometry of Theatre

That’s a shocking title for a post.  Basically I just wanna show off my brand new geometry set.  That’s what I’m at today — (re)learning geometry.  I’m working off a YouTube tutorial I’ve… Continue reading

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Running multiple VLC sessions for Mac

Warning! Geek alert! This is my first hack for Mac or MacHack as I shall call them.  It’s a simple tool for allowing a user to run more than one VLC session at… Continue reading

Figuring out qLab at 091 Labs with the help of some strong coffee

I’m at a co-workers morning (that begun at midday; go figure) at 091 Labs on Eyre Square. 091 Labs — 091labs.com — is a hackerspace; “a shared physical space for any and all creative… Continue reading

I’m a Leitrim Man in Galway

This screenshot mightn’t look like much but right now… IT’S. ALL. THAT. MATTERS. Leitrim are winning in Carrick-on-Shannon and I’m not there. I’m listening online to Shannonside FM and Leitrim are in the… Continue reading

Waiting for a pick up


Welcome to the new JohnRogerstheatre.com website. Hi.  I’m John Rogers.  And this is my website.  It’s called JohnRogerstheatre.com and it’s where I chart my work as an actor, theatremaker, artist and troublemaker. Things… Continue reading