2011 to 2012


by Waterdonkey

Devised by Meadhbh Haicéid, Zita Monahan, Robin Oree, Oísin Robbins, John Rogers & Rose Sweeney

Performed by Zita Monahan, Robin Oree, Oísin Robbins, John Rogers & Rose Sweeney

Gresham Hotel Dublin, 18th September 2011, 10am to 10pm as part of Dublin Fringe 2011

Gresham Metropole Hotel Cork, 27th June 2012, 12pm to midnight, as part of Cork Midsummer Festival 2012


Photos by David Mannion

A 12-hour nonstop interactive, immersive performance, inspired by John and Yoko’s 1969 bed-in for peace, Happening is a game played before and with the audience in which anything is likely to happen.  The Performance is improvised according to a structure inspired by John Cage’s chance method in response to questions and instructions ranging from the ridiculous to the profound.  Each audience member is invited to add to this list of prompts.  Expect You Tube karaoke, intimate disclosure, audacious exploits and everything in between.  The exact content of these 12 hours is up to you.  Partial nudity is a strong probability.  This is a 21st Century bed-in for Ireland, for humankind, for those of us breathing the same air, for you and me and anyone you’d like it to be for.  An audience of a maximum of 12 people will enter the hotel room at the start of every hour for fifty-five minutes each.  Over twelve hours, these 12 generations will build a culture with the performers in this hotel room.  We aim to find moments of genuine human connection.  We want to show you love.