Prelude to

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Prelude to The Stars in Winter
a 360 film by John Rogers

Sunday 29 November at 8pm (Irish Time).

created, filmed & performed by JOHN ROGERS

digital artist ALYSTER VODKA @crystalyster
digital consultant MEREDITH THOMAS @meredityman

producer JANE HANBERRY @altlivin

image by MARTA BARCIKOWSKA @photo_by_marta

dome construction by GLENN GIBSON at ART IN MIND STUDIO.

produced in association with Galway Theatre Festival & Galway 2020

special thanks to David Kelly, Denise McDonagh, Marc Mac Lochlainn, Heavy Man Films, Zita Monahan-McGowan and, of course, Ionia Ní Chróinín.

This 360 short film is a prelude to the upcoming theatre show THE STARS IN WINTER.

It is best viewed on a VR headset. You can turn your smartphone into a VR headset with Google Cardboard. Or build your own here.

Viewing on a smartphone or tablet is recommended if you don’t have access to a VR headset. If using a phone or tablet, go into a dark room and give yourself space to move around.

Headphones recommended.